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Niranjan Patel nirpat89 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 5 17:23:05 UTC 2017

Hi, Pierre-Olivier:

They are not going to let you post an attachment.  

Without seeing the curve, I'll make a blind suggestion.  Assuming you are using a digital step-wedge, your first clear step would be that corresponding to the 90%B or the RGB of (229, 229, 229).  So I would move the last point on the curve from (255, 255), assuming that's where it is right now, to (255, 229)   If you have a lot of points close together in the highlights, this may not move the midtones too much.  It might even clump up your highlights.  For that you might want to move the whole curve proportionally down anchoring an appropriate range in the shadows since they seem to be OK.  
Alternatively, you can add a second curve on top of the existing curve at (0, 0) and (255, 229). That should add some density to the midtones and shadows as well.  
This is one place things are easier done than said.  Hope this makes sense....


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Guys my brain is not working right. I have an adjustment curve and i have too many white squares when i print a 21 chart. the first 3 steps have the same tonality. Shadows and midtones look right or maybe the midtone could be darken a bit. I have a curve for positive process. I am applying it to a positive image. I have attached the curve if the list let me attach it.

What kind of adjustment curve should I create to darken the highlight and a little of the midtone. Or how can i modify the attach curve. ?

Just need to know which points to move and what direction ?


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