[Alt-photo] need an alternative to Pictorico Ultra Premium

John Isner john.isner at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 20:58:29 UTC 2017

I'm a new member and this is my first post.

I'm taking my first alt process class.  I just exhausted my supply of 8.5 x
11 Pictorico Ultra Premium, and I'm unable to locate the product anywhere
but Adorama, which is closed for the next ten days.  Can anyone recommend
an alternative that is more readily available (and doesn't cost an arm and
a leg to ship)?  I'm printing high-density negatives, which is why I need
an equivalent of the Ultra Premium.  I would be willing to buy 11 x 17 or
even 17 x 22 sheets and cut them to size.

Incidentally, Freestyle calls their Arista-II Inkjet OHP 7-mil Transparency
drop in replacement for Pictorico Inkjet OHP Transparency Film" and the
description says "it is able to accept a higher density of ink."  Is it
just as good as Pictorico Ultra?

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