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Hi All,

I realize that this thread is a little old, but I’ve run into this permissions issue several times on a few of our machines here at the university. When the operating system is upgraded it changes many of the system folders to Read Only including the one that QTR writes the final profiles to. On a mac you need to go to Harddrive>Library>Printers>QTR>Quadtone>Quadxxxx The x being the printer you are using. Right click on the folder and open "get info". At the bottom of the box that pops up change the permissions to Read & Write. Once you set that you should be able to load the profiles without incident. This is much quicker that reinstalling the program. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Keith,
    You’re right about the filename length. It’s the ±40 character limit from MacOS. Richard Boutwell indeed uses the shorter Excell limit which I mistakenly took for the OS limit I meant to mention here.
    Anyway the foldername check might work. And a QTR reinstall would do no harm too.
    > On 4 okt. 2017, at 21:13, Keith Schreiber <keith at jkschreiber.com> wrote:
    > Kees,  
    > This is not accurate - at least not for Mac OSX. The limit is between 39 and 41 characters. I discovered this when a 42 character filename would not install. I changed an abbreviation which brought it down to 39 characters and it installed fine. Most of my QTR filenames are 30+ characters.
    > I do know that Richard Boutwell specifies a 20 character limit for the files generated by his Excel spreadsheets, but that is an Excel limit - those names can be changed before installing them.
    > If you are talking about the Windows version, I have no idea. ;)
    > Keith
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