[Alt-photo] back to black plague...

Denny dspector at charter.net
Wed Oct 11 13:49:04 UTC 2017

Anne, congratulations on the exhibit.

There are many possible sources for the spots to originate, so I think it's up to each printer to identify and fix the problem.
The possible sources I'm aware of include:

metal introduced inadvertently from trimming the paper with metal utensils
bits of metal circulating in the air
possibly the exposure unit (rusty hinges or hardware?)  

I can't think of any other causes, maybe someone else will add to the list.

Ultimately, the source can be identified and fixed by carefully eliminating one variable at a time.


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 This past week I was fortunate to be included in the Soho Photo Gallery Alternative Process Competition Exhibition and Living Image: an Exhibition of Traditional and Alternative Process Photography in Philadelphia. As many of you know, I have been struggling to discover the source of sudden black plague in my palladium printing, and I felt compelled to look closely at any platinum and palladium pieces also included in the shows �and guess what? I saw the black plague specks in so many of them, to greater and lesser degrees, but very few prints were completely free of the plague spots. So I agree---I think we need to harness the hive mind of the altpro list and solve this!!

Anyone else game?

Anne Eder
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