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The only time I saw white spots is when there is dust or some defect is on the transparency. And the spec of dust gets covered in wet ink and it’s just glued there. So u can’t just dust it off.
Just reprint

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Hi everyone

I'm interested in knowing if getting spots, mostly white, occasionally
black, on alt process prints is usual or not. I certainly know it's an
issue but I almost always get a few on my prints, even small (6x6"), more
of course on larger prints.

I do mostly pt/pd with a fair amount of cyanotype. Using papers like
Hahnemuhle Plat Rag, Bergger COT 320, Arches Platine.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong (in which case what are the most
likely culprits) or if this is a pretty normal. I try to be careful - I use
distilled water, coat with a Richeson brush, am careful about dust on my
Nuarcs and the digital negs. The spots do not arise from issues in the
digital files. I brush the surface of the paper with a brush before coating.

I'm more familiar with what causes black spots on pt/pd and I don't get a
lot of those. The white spots are easier to take care of but still a pain
and sometimes not so easy.

I'm using various art pencils to do spotting, I know the other popular
method is watercolors. I'd also be interested in people's opinions about
pros and cons of each. I've stayed away from watercolor because it seems
mistakes would be hard to recover from.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated as always!

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