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Mon Oct 23 14:32:20 UTC 2017

Interesting, Dennis…

I wish I had your travel lifestyle..and good to know Fresson is still active. I hope when they quit doing Fresson they don’t keep their process a secret, and publish it somewhere. I’d love to know what is in their layers. But it’s probably also the machine. I talked with a 3M guy once and he said that people can discover what is in the sticky glue in their sticky note paper and duplicate that, but it is the way the glue is put on the paper that makes the 3M sticky note unique. And I agree because I have used other off brands and they just aren’t as good. I saw a Fresson at PhotoLA and my, was it beautiful.

I calculated that there was about a gram of dichromate per 4 layer print, given a 10% solution and using a teaspoon of combined gum/pigment/dichromate per layer. So last time I ordered dichromate for the school I got a 5-lb container, which would make 2000 prints. I figured that amount would get my students through to my retirement :). So if they ban purchasing it in the US I will be good to go for at least a while. Then I’ll have to switch to DAS and casein. Unless we all get lucky and they decide photography is an industry and can purchase small amounts. I suppose the woodburytype and carbon can both use DAS, too, so there is no worry there about the dichromate ban. 

I used to teach Polaroid transfers and lifts, bromoil, lith printing, and all these have materials either dwindling or no longer produced. I wish someone would come out with a good bromoil paper and a good lith paper.


> On Oct 23, 2017, at 7:48 AM, Dennis Moser <dennis.moser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Christina,
> As of May, 2016, when I visited the atelier, Fresson was planning to continue to make prints. I have not spoken or visited with them this year, so I don't really know. Perhaps I or someone else on the list should contact them to see. Not sure I'll have time in the next six weeks to visit them before I leave France this time.
> Best,
> Dennis Moser

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