[Alt-photo] Dichromate Poisoing

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    Said about jazz, "If you don't know what it is no one can tell you" 
more or less.
    If you are concerned that your warnings are not being taken as 
seriously as you think they should be you are wrong. There are many 
hazardous materials that have been removed from general circulation but 
there are some where the dangers are overblown or where the dangers 
apply to industrial use in large amounts. Certainly warnings should be 
taken seriously, for instance the warnings about tobacco use were around 
at least two decades before the definitive study showing they caused 
cancer came out. Same with global warming, people are beginning to 
understand how serious it is after perhaps fifty years of warnings.
     The  book I recommended is well known and provides some common 
sense ideas about what should be considered hazardous.
     Materials like potassium dichromate, like guns, need to be handled 
by people who have some education about them. It is certainly hazardous 
but I think can be handled safely in the small amounts needed for some 
photographic processes. See:

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> Some people, if they don't know, you can't tell them.
>     -Louis Armstrong
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