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As for the "ateliers Fresson", I asked them.
Their reply was: "No problems for us. Our inventory will last for numerous
Best regards,

By the way, although the ban is also effective now in Belgium, several
members reported they still were able to buy some without questions nor
restrictions... besides skyrocketing prices ( around 120€/kg instead of
around 20...).
I found quite interesting the discussion about people regretting that some
intend continuing to use dichromates despite of its dangers... As far as I
know, quite a lot of people decide continuing to use their cars without
this being questioned by anybody, while car accidents are a quite common
cause of deaths :-)... At Picto Benelux, we have sessions where we tell
people how to handle adequately dichromates (or other products), and how to
dispose adequately of waste products. As for dichromates, the Cr(VI) can be
reduced relatively easily to (less dangerous) Cr(III) using sodium
metabisulfite, and the remaining Cr(III) precipitated using a  NaOH +
Ca(OH)2 mix...

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> Intersting, Kees.
> Nadeau has quite the biography. He was on the list and then off before I
> arrived on the list in 1999 I think. So I’ve never known him although I
> have his platinum and carbon books and they are quite good resources.
> I notice at the bottom that he seems to have gotten the Fresson machine to
> work and make prints.
> I wonder a couple things: if he ever succeeded in doing tricolor work and
> also if Fresson will no longer be able to do dichromated prints in France
> if dichromate is now banned.
> Chris
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> > I Just noticed blogger redirects to localized url’s. So you better go to
> the .com address of Luis his blogspot site:
> > http://photoconservation-encyclopedia.blogspot.com/
> >
> > The url redirection seems not allways to work that well I noticed.
> >
> > -k
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> >> He just announced the new edition of his encyclopedia here:
> >> http://photoconservation-encyclopedia.blogspot.nl/
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