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I will be happy to help with carbon transfer prints if it’s not urgent as I will not be able to get to them until the weekend
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Here comes a curious request. The Barbados branch of International Council of Museums (ICOM of which I am a member) has recruited me to give a "tawk" on 19th century print processes. The trick is that I need to show actual sample prints during my PowerPoint presentation then, later, show other samples of the same processes to see if the participants (or is that precipitants?) can identify each process.

I believe I have sourced much of what I need but I do need at least two carbon prints of different subjects . I was wondering if anyone has any samples of carbon prints you might be willing to send me. PLEASE NOTE: They do NOT have to be perfect.They can be rejects (spots, stains, small rips), the kind your curse at and throw on the shelf along with the dozens of other "almosts". As long as they show the process well.

I could probably use one sample of an albumen print just so it looks different than mine.


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