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I agree with Denny. These papers are all fine with no acidification.
And they’re all wonderful papers.
You don’t have Cot 320 on there?
I am in paper testing mode along with you as we speak. I’ve got a stack of paper, vellums and some of the pad papers that people say are really good. 
I came across this from the list years ago:
“ Slower papers are redder, perhaps because alkalinity is converting some of the Prussian blue to ferric hydrate which is brick red."   Peter Friedrichsen
I find this an interesting proposition, because there is one thing to acidity/alkalinity to papers and another to the color of the completed cyanotype on papers. Some papers will be more purple, some more blue and some with a hint of green. HPR leans to green.
It’s Fabriano that is sort of sucky with cyanotype though I printed it all the time for gum overs.

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> I am about to do some extensive testing of some papers. My question is regarding two different processes; Cyanotype and Pt/Pd printing: with which, if any of the following papers have you found it necessary to treat them in acid to remove buffers before use in these two processes? I believe each of the manufacturers say that their papers are not buffered but "One never know, do one?" I am most concerned about the results with Cyanotype. 
> Hahnemühle platinum rag 
> Arches Platine (either weight) 
> Revere Platinum 
> Cranes Cover 90 lb wove 
> Thanks in advance... 
> BOB 
> [ http://stores.photoformulary.com/cranes-cover-90-lb-wove-finish-alternative-printing-paper/ ] 
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