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I used to teach a gang lab on liquid emulsion and had to quit several years ago because of fogging. The products really need to be coated under red safelight and dried in the dark, and we have yellow safelight in our gang lab and the students became careless. We have 8 individual color darkrooms in our facility equipped with red safelight so I have no idea why such problems.

Unless Rockland Liquid Light has been reformulated, it is very very slow. The other options are much much better. Foma, Black Magic, etc. They are about the speed of warm tone paper.

Always buy a variable contrast one, too. 

But coating, drying, exposing, processing under red safelight is best.

Paper was just watercolor paper from the bookstore. Any worked. The hot press is so smooth it is almost like a regular photograph so I thought, why bother.

I used to love doing liquid emulsion!


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> I use Rockland LL for dry plate tintypes. Ag+ dogs too easily for me, but LL is quite forgiving.
> Not sure about paper, though...
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>> I have a student interested in using Liquid light on paper - not sure if Rockland  or Foma Fomaspeed.  We have read the section in James book.  I have not used it since the 80’s.   When I used it I was printing mural size and had trouble with fogging due to long exposures, even in the dark. It does sound like the AG -Plus is better or possibly the Foma.  Does anyone have recent experience and if so, can you offer some tips and brand or paper choices? The student will not be working large - probably 8x10 range.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
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