[Alt-photo] Exposure meter

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Mon Sep 4 08:07:19 UTC 2017

Dear All,

I don’t think it is very useful to post to the list about your wish to buy a discontinued meter at this moment. Ian Parker wrote me some time ago: "I'm afraid we decided to wrap up our lightmeter sales as there simply wasn't the sales volume to make it a viable business. And unfortunately we have no remaining inventory either.”

I bought one in the first week it was available and another one a year later. There was quiet some discussion on this list about the meters and many people bought one as did several of my workshop participants. there was even a little sales peak when Chris bought one and wrote about it. Apperently this all did not raise sales above low volume and I think, to be realistic, a group buy of say another twenty or so won’t change that. So I fear it will not happen...

I suggest we take this discussion off list. If someone wants to contact Ian and a group buy, if possible, will happen, it’s off course ok to post it here…



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