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That was my thoughts as well. I e-mailed him yesterday so I hope he will
reply soon. In the mean time if anyone wants to be added to the list of
individuals wanting to obtain a meter please contact me off list. 

I think most of us who have expressed interest these past few days probably
did not purchase the meter when it was introduced for various reasons. I was
a bit surprised to hear Mr. Parker had to close production several months

Don Bryant

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I wonder if the meter's creator Ian would be willing to "open source" it?
This would make it available to folks to pursue on their own. Perhaps some
provisions stipulating "one copy" or "for personal use - not for sale" could
be included?


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> Dear All,
> I don't think it is very useful to post to the list about your wish to buy
a discontinued meter at this moment. Ian Parker wrote me some time ago: "I'm
afraid we decided to wrap up our lightmeter sales as there simply wasn't the
sales volume to make it a viable business. And unfortunately we have no
remaining inventory either."
> I bought one in the first week it was available and another one a year
later. There was quiet some discussion on this list about the meters and
many people bought one as did several of my workshop participants. there was
even a little sales peak when Chris bought one and wrote about it.
Apperently this all did not raise sales above low volume and I think, to be
realistic, a group buy of say another twenty or so won't change that. So I
fear it will not happen...
> I suggest we take this discussion off list. If someone wants to contact
Ian and a group buy, if possible, will happen, it's off course ok to post it
> best,
> Kees
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