[Alt-photo] pre-soaking fumed silica for pt/pd

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     Please let us know what concentration you use...how many grams (or milligrams, given how light the silica powder is) per liter you mix  And, is there a special mixing method?  I would like to try it this way because the rolling and squeegeeing method can easily be messed up by "graceful" people like me!  LOL!!!  


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that's the way I use it  . always have 10 liter of dilute fumed silica in
my lab . But I do not mix it with my acid bath. I acidiy first wash and
befor drying put the paper in the fumed silica bath.  I 've just used it
for platinum and cyano.

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> Hi all,
> Does anyone have experience of applying fumed silica to paper in a liquid
> form? (soaking in trays)
> The place I once worked at started to add fumed silica to their oxalic
> acid pre soak for fabriano
> Was thinking it might  be useful to add some at the pre-shrink stage with
> gum over pt in mind
> best,
> Gareth
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