[Alt-photo] Exposure Unit

Greg Brophy greg at gregbrophy.com
Mon Sep 4 16:49:32 UTC 2017

I also wanted to order one of the light measure UV meters and was disappointed that it was discontinued. I went on Facebook and some people pointed me in the right direction for creating my own which I am now in the process of doing. I have a prototype I am working on and am just trying to fix a few kinks in the code, but when done I will share how to do it or if people don't want to make it, I can make it as well. I also plan on making a few improvements like touch screens. The best part is that most of the parts are open source and what isn't can easily be printed with a 3-D printer. I will send out updates as I get closer. If anybody know how to program in C++ and wants to help, let me know. 


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