[Alt-photo] UV exposure meter: answer from Ian Parker, lightmeasure.com

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Wed Sep 6 07:42:00 UTC 2017

Dear list,

This week I have contacted Ian Parker and asked him if he was willing to:

• produce and ship a number of pre-ordered meters
• open source the design

Here is Ian’s answer and it’s good news!

I will now collect the list of interested buyers form the thread(s) here and send them to Ian. New buyers can contact Ian directly: info.lightmeasure at gmail.com. The new meters will be long wavelenth with external sensor only and the prize will be $299. Production lead will be 4-6 weeks.



Hello Kees,

How very nice to hear from you and thank you for the explanation. I actually suspected there might be an active thread on a list somewhere since I have, indeed, received several recent inquiries about the meters.

You asked a couple of question in your email:
1) Would I consider open-sourcing the design? There are a few challenging technical steps in building the meters, which might make this approach unfeasible for some artists. The hardest is fabricating the UV filter with the correct characteristics so the meter will measure only the range of UV wavelengths that our plates/papers/materials respond to but not other wavelengths (including visible light). This is pretty tricky to do without the proper tools. I had to custom design a combination of 4 filters to achieve this and it required access to specialized optical instruments to measure their optical transmission - tools which most artists/photographers would not have ready access to.

2) Would I consider a custom order for more meters? The answer to this is probably yes - assuming I could get a commitment from a sufficient number of customers, and with a few caveats:
i) Since I have significantly depleted my existing inventory I would need to restock on many components, and would therefore need a commitment for at least 40 orders to make this viable. 
ii) Also I will need to increase the price (!) - sorry about that but the previous price point of $220 really doesn't work without volume of scale (which is the reason that we closed the store in the first place). I'll need to set the price at $299. I realize this might be a problem for many people, but it's an unfortunate fact. Again, sorry.
iii) Since I will need to reorder much of the inventory there will be an inevitable delay of 4-6 weeks before I could ship. One of the major components has a 4 week lead time.
iv) To keep things manageable I'll probably only offer the PPM-2 long wavelength version (with the external sensor). This was, by far, our most popular version, and I expect that most people would order this anyway.

So how to proceed? Might I suggest that you circulate this to the alt-list, and ask people to contact me at the following email address if interested? If I receive enough responses I'll reopen the store and start accepting orders.

contact at:  info.lightmeasure at gmail.com.

Thanks Kees, it was nice talking with you again.

Best regards,


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