[Alt-photo] UV exposure meter: answer from Ian Parker, lightmeasure.com

Kerik Kouklis kerik at kerik.com
Wed Sep 6 22:31:13 UTC 2017

Add me, too.

Kerik Kouklis

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I have collected a list of 29 people that expressed their buying wish in the earlier threads or contacted me off list. I will send this list to Ian with your e-mail addresses. Please let me know ‘off list’ if you want to be removed from this list. New buyers can contact Ian directly at info.lightmeasure at gmail.com.

Another 11 to go!

Bert Kuijer
Bob Kiss
Catherine Costolo
Christine Breslin
Clay Harmon
Damiano Bianca
David Christensen
Don Bryant
Earl Johnson
Felix Martin
Gareth Jarvis
Greg Brophy
Harlan Chapman
Jacques Kevers
Jean Daubas
Jonathon Russell
Karen Hymer
Keith Fleming
Laura Valentino
Luciano Teghillo
Mark Gould
Martin Salowey
Mary Donato
Ned Lewis
Philippe Ayral
Rafael Rojas
Robert Westmoreland
Udo Schnitzbauer

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