[Alt-photo] replies to the list

Niranjan Patel nirpat89 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 13:12:18 UTC 2017

"Reply all" does it....thanks, Kees.

      From: Kees Brandenburg <workshops at polychrome.nl>
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 Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 8:53 AM
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Hi Niranjan,

Some mail clients behave different from others. The list software (mailman) has a standard reply-to prefilled in with both adresses: the sender and the list. A simple click on reply should throw up both in the ’to’ field of your reply. Some mail clients change this and modify it to a reply with a cc. The list will be in the cc field. When replying again to such a modified post the reply is only sent to the person in the ‘to’ field. A workaround might be to always click 'reply to all' or manually correct it when the list address is missing.



> On 7 sep. 2017, at 14:36, Niranjan Patel via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> Sometimes when I reply it does to the person I replied to and the whole list.  And sometimes it only goes to the one person.  Can't figure out why.  Is it Yahoo?  Or is it the list? 
> Anyway, I wanted to thank Greg, Keith and Clay for their answers to my question.
> :Niranjan.


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