[Alt-photo] [Alt-Photo] Wet Plate Collodion Sensivity Filterfor Normal Film

Peter Marshall petermarshall at cix.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 10:42:51 UTC 2017

All photographic films are sensitive to UV (and even shorter wavelengths 
will also fog film) and  the shape of published spectral sensitivity 
curves that appear to show a lack of sensitivity was an artefact of the 
way that they were produced - using tungsten illumination which lacked 
UV.  Kodak produced their curves differently and showed high sensitivity 
at 300nm - at which point the curve simply cut off because it wasn't 
measured below that wavelength. Since clear glass is opaque below around 
320nm the range below that is seldom important in photography.


On 09/09/2017 22:39, johnbrewerphotography--- via Alt-photo-process-list 
> Mustafa
> You're not going to get such a filter as panchromatic film isn't sensitive to UV not that UV is needed (that's a myth). The nearest I think you'll get is orthochromatic film without a filter.
> Why not try wetplate rather than trying to simulate it?
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>> I looked to wet plate collodion sensivity and it starts from 400 goes to
>> 512. Mid zone is the most sensitive. Who can make me such a filter to take
>> same spectral picture on ordinary BW film ? And to what cost ?
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