[Alt-photo] [Alt-Photo] Wet Plate Collodion Sensivity Filterfor Normal Film

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     Many types of glass attenuate UV. Some optical cements attenuate 
UV. If you have a source of UV, any sort of lamp, and something that 
will glow in UV try putting glass inbetween and see what happens.
    I have an old military contact printer that uses an array of argon 
glow lamps. If I put paper with brighteners in front of it the paper 
glows strongly. I had to replace the platen with window glass and it 
absorbs at least half or more of the UV.
    Another point, the corrections for a lens designed for visible light 
may be pretty far off for light much beyond its normal band.
     All silver halide emulsions are sensitive to UV, the color 
sensitizing for longer wavelengths does not affect this.

On 9/10/2017 7:59 AM, Mustafa Umut Sarac via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
> My friend was looking for a uv enlarger and lens, APUG members suggested
> normal lens is uv transparent . Is it true ?
> umut
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