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I use a piece of vinyl with a soft backing from a sewing store. Comes in big rolls and different colors. It just has enough give for good contact

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> You might try foam "filter" media from either a HVAC (or maybe a swimming pool store) as it might be soft enough and comes in rolls. OR perhaps a trip to your local Walmart is in order for an "Egg Crate mattress topper" or maybe look in the sewing section.
> Terry H.
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>> Hello List,
>> I have a homemade exposure unit with a built-in area for sandwiching the negatives and coated paper. Basically, it’s a table with a large piece of glass covered in foam. Then there is another piece of glass on hinges that closes on top and a light bank on top of that that also is on hinges to close down on top.
>> So, you have:
>> Lights
>> Glass
>> Negative
>> Coated paper
>> Foam
>> Glass
>> It’s not my preferred design and I would love to replace it, but it is not possible right now.  My dilemma is that the unit has developed an issue with contact that is either due to an issue with the hinges or a breakdown of the foam. I am trying to find a large piece of sheet foam approximately 50x36x0.125” or bigger and it need to be very easily squished. Does anyone have a suggestion to a specific item or a type of material that might work for this?
>> Thank you
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