[Alt-photo] epson p800 problems

Anne Chansonette chansonette at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 00:13:30 UTC 2017

Hey list friends,

     I put out a cry for help last week here regarding what I think is
black plague in my palladium prints, but as I am trying to solve that I am
also finding that I have some printer issues going on, I use an Epson Sure
Color P800 to make my digital negs on Pictorico, as I know many of you do
as well. I am suddenly seeing weird linear striations as well as tiny
spots, flecks and other issues. There are tiny holes in areas that should
be dense black. I'm even getting some scratching or scarring of the
surface---I am guessing what I have heard on here referred to as "pizza

     Questions: what paper width and platen gap are you all using---I am
wondering if these are part of the problem... I'm not sure though why
things would change when I have been generating negs for a couple years now
on this printer. Any thoughts?

Anne Eder

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