[Alt-photo] Chromoskedasic painting

Douglas Collins dougcollins99 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 15:56:07 UTC 2017

Hi Udo,

The chromoskedasic technique relies on the interaction of stabilizer and
activator with regular developer and fixer, mainly developer, so that you
must start by applying developer for example to your paper, then play
around with stabilizer, activator and perhaps a small amount of fixer in
rather rapid succession before a final fixing and washing.  The key idea is
to experiment; only follow recipes up to a point.  You might also want to
try different papers - I don't believe Kodabrome is the best choice for you.

A modern practitioner of chromoskedasia - there are others I'm sure - is
Birgit Blyth, whose work can be seen here:


Good luck!


douglas collins
cell 646-678-0172

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