[Alt-photo] Another good paper for cyanotype

Jean Daubas jean.daubas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 22:59:43 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Once more, thanks to Chris for her very interesting info; I will try 
this Sumi paper very soon with various processes.
For Western European list members, you may order it from ‘Géant des 
beaux-arts/ Gerstaecker’ at a very reasonable price in 20 sheet pads in 
24x32 cm and 30x40cm.
Here is the link: https://www.geant-beaux-arts.fr/bloc-special-sumi-e.html

Hope it helps,

    Alternative cheers from France,

Le 02/02/2018 à 21:52, Marek Matusz via Alt-photo-process-list a écrit :
> Can’t wait to try it for salted paper
> Marek

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