[Alt-photo] Another good paper for cyanotype

Christina Z. Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 20:10:30 UTC 2018

Dear All,

Might have missed some of the emails because I’m out of town. Thank you to those who are interested! I’ve been on this paper testing gamut for so many months now, it seems, that I feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

The fact that the paper is unbuffered really made my ears perk up in regards to cyanotype. I am unaware of which washis are unbuffered or if they are as a general rule. So much of the time those details are unspecified.

I have these papers specified as unbuffered and made for alt processes (Sumi-e is made for sumi ink processes).
1.         Arches Platine, two weights

2.         Awagami Platinum Gampi, two weights

3.         Awagami Platinum Mitsumata 

4.         Bergger Cot 320, two weights

5.         Hahnemühle Platinum Rag

6.        Herschel Platinotype

7.         Legion Revere Platinum

Kees, there are papers that you get in the Netherlands that are just impossible to get here. I can get Schut, for instance, but darned if I can get Simile Japon or some other names (Tershellong or something?) And Herschel, heck, I ordered some several weeks ago, costing about $17USD a sheet, and it has yet to arrive. So unfortunately some good papers can be Euro- or Amero-centric.

I can’t wait to hear how Sumi-e is with platinum and salt. 

I do not have the extensive experience as some of you do, of printing on washi, but these I have tried (bold are faves; crossed out are eliminated either because they are unsuitable or they fell down the list in suitability):
Legion Kitakata, 
Legion Hosho, 
Legion Masa, 
Legion Okawara, 
Legion Goyu, 
Legion Thai Kozo
Awagami Platinum Gampi
Awagami Platinum Mitsumata

(Keith, aren’t you proud of me, using exact names?) 

I also have a bunch of washi I bought in Japan years ago but unfortunately I do not have the English names of any so they are not included in my latest tests. And some of those papers, one $60 a sheet, were not good for cyanotype, either pilling, printing too dull blue-gray, or disintegrating in the water like toilet paper (as Legion Hosho did for me). 

So why I wax poetic about this paper is that by comparison it prints very smooth tones, a turquoise blue more than navy blue or gray navy as some do, and without pilling or tearing when hanging, etc. And the way it is packaged in pads is overkill-protective. But when you compare the price of Sumi-e to Awagami ($12 a sheet), you can see why as a professor I was very excited for my students to be able to find a reasonably priced washi to have their first washi experience with. The cyanotype class will have prints due on Sumi-e on Monday and we’ll develop curves for it after that. Its absorbency might be a deal-breaker for platinum printers without resorting to some sort of dilution of chemistry but we’ll soon find out from you platinum aficionados. I only print cyanoplati so would not use this paper for a double-print.


> On Feb 3, 2018, at 3:06 AM, Kees Brandenburg <workshops at polychrome.nl> wrote:
> Found it in the Netherlands too: 50x65cm, 80gr. 20 sheets (not in pad) €21,80
> Kees

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