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No one has answered yet so what the hay.

There is a big difference in density between an sRGB negative and an Adobe 1998 negative. Especially when platinum printing, when a student brings in a dull, overexposed platinum print all of a sudden, I go back to their negative and invariably the image is in sRGB and not Adobe 1998 which I tell them time and time again to watch out for. They make that mistake once, they never do it again.

The problem is Photoshop will default often to sRGB unless you change that preference, especially when splitting negatives for duotone or tricolor prints.

I did not come up with this :). I learned it from Mark Nelson. But it has been proven time and time again over 13 years of teaching alt (200+ students and counting).

Now, the why of that, I have no clue. Ask the digital gurus.

Ron Reeder equates a 2.2 Gamma to Adobe 1998 (not 1.8 Gamma) but I am not a QTR person to understand what that means.

I can’t believe you still have a functioning Epson 2200. I have been through so many printers since then and that was my favorite. Now our P800 at work (I have a 3880 at home) is my favorite. Smooth and denser black inks than a 3880.


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> I do colorized negative with my silver printing. I also use SRGB color profile when I print. Is there any advantages to use Adobe RGB instead ? Would I find a better color to block the light using this profile ?
> I use an Epson 2200.
> Thanks
> Pierre-Olivier
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