[Alt-photo] Source of chemistry in Canada

Mark MacKenzie mjmackenzie22 at windstream.net
Fri Feb 9 13:11:58 UTC 2018

Good day.

While currently residing in New Mexico I will be returning to Canada 
(Vancouver Island, B.C.) permanently within a year or so. I have begun 
searching for alternative photography chemistry sources in Canada but 
without much luck at all, especially in the far west of the country.

If you have sources you can share please do so.  Although generally 
working within alternative photography boundaries I am primarily a wet 
plate photographer.

I should say that I have posted this question on the main wet plate 
forum and it has gone without answer for some time.

I am also a museum conservator who has been ghost following many 
discussions on this forum with delight.  Well done!

I will not be associated with any museum once back in Canada as I will 
be retired and looking very much forward to a great deal of alt photo 


Mark MacKenzie


Mark MacKenzie,

/Collodion/Wet Plate photographer &/

/Developer of Sensor/Micro-Computer Applications for Museums/

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