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I would, if I had sufficient computing power, prior to doing any Photoshop work.  

Here is a good article comparing 8-bit vs 16-bit processing:


However, the benefits would be somewhat limited if you are capturing, I am assuming, only 8-bit jpegs out of the camera.  In order to get 16-bits, you have to save as raw NEF files and assign them 16-bit in a raw processor like Adobe Camera Raw.  This will add a few more steps to your workflow.  So I am not sure you want to deal with that.  Incidentally jpegs also, by default, will only give you sRGB,  If you convert that to Adobe RGB, there is no real advantage as the image is already clipped to a smaller gamut.  

In any case, looks like the discussion perhaps has veered too far into the digital space.  You can reply off-list if you have further questions, unless others want to chime in. 


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I see. My digital images from my Nikon D2X are 8 bits I assume. Not sure if there are any advantages to convert them to 16 bits.
Should I ?

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While Qimage will print in 16 bits, it must receive in 16 bits otherwise there is no benefit.  Finding the blocking color with 256 patches 8-bit file would be OK.  What I meant was are processing the original image in 16-bits, like adding the correction curve layer, color fill layer, flip, invert etc.

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Niranjan, yes i use 8 bits to find out the colorized color. i have 3 color density palette. red-green, red-blue and blue-green with 256 patches.
I have been experimenting with qimage to print. I think it processes everything in 16 bits if i am correct.


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