[Alt-photo] Salted Paper - Casein salt size

David Christensen agitprop at telus.net
Sun Feb 18 18:23:59 UTC 2018

Hi, Keith.

Thanks for your note.  I suspected as much - in terms of re-calibrating 
- but thought I would ask.  I do use a 4x5 21 step tablet - and am 
printing using PiezoDN - it's not that much of a hassle to do the 
testing.  I just wasn't sure how much the salting and size affected the 
overall times/correction curve.  Regardless, it would be valuable to know.

Kind regards,

On 2018-02-18 11:00 AM, Keith Schreiber wrote:
> Hi David,
> I think you can count on having to recalibrate your exposure time and 
> your correction curve (assuming you are making digital negatives) for 
> whatever method you use, every time you change any printing variable. 
> For some processes this is more obvious than others. More so for 
> cyanotype, less so for Pt/Pd, and my guess is salt printing will be 
> towards the more end of the spectrum especially when toning is involved.
> My advice is to use a Stouffer 21-step 4x5 step-tablet for your 
> experiments and testing, because this will give you more useful 
> information than you can achieve any other way. Then narrow down your 
> process choices and determine the relevant exposure time(s) and 
> correction curve(s). I can almost guarantee that they will be 
> different for each process variation. For a really good example, see 
> Christina's recent testing of cyanotype variations.
> If you use a digital step-tablet for this you are handicapped because 
> it is either not linearized at all, or is linearized for a different 
> set of variables.
> If you use an image negative, either analog or digital, you have no 
> idea how close to or far from linear it is, or how a different 
> negative would print.
> I know this approach will not appeal to some, and will seem tedious 
> and repetitive, but in the end it will save you a lot of time and expense.
> Cheers,
> Keith
> Keith Schreiber
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>> Two questions.
>> I'm interesting in trying the Casein salt size mentioned in "Salted 
>> Paper Printing" but have no sodium citrate on hand - just sodium 
>> chloride.  Can sodium chloride be substituted for sodium citrate in 
>> some way in this recipe?
>> And - does changing salting and salt-size formulas require 
>> recalibrating my times?  I've just used the Universal salting receipe 
>> mentioned by Marek Matusz to date - so this is the first time I'm 
>> branching out with other formulas.
>> Many thanks for the info.
>> David
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