[Alt-photo] Antwort: Re: Dichromates and Septic System?

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Tue Feb 20 07:16:23 UTC 2018

Dear Jacques, 

but only if you do it commercial (professional) (in German: gewerblich) because REACH counts not for private (= hobby) use.

Problem: The term or better the difference between "hobby" and "comercial" are very weak and can be different interpreted from the authorities. In doubt your "hobby use" will be labeled as commercial and you will be sued or better "they" will try it....


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The info about how to dispose of dichromate waste certainly is interesting,
but will become rapidly superseded here in Europe (as soon as our current
individual reserves will be gone), as the purchase, import, use and even
simple possession of dichromates now is prohibited in all of the E.U. ...

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