[Alt-photo] Albumin powder

victor.malakhov at gmx.de victor.malakhov at gmx.de
Thu Jan 4 14:18:26 UTC 2018

Hello all,

first I wish you happy and healthy New Year 2018!

I have a question:

I'd  like to get rid off the mess with fresh eggs and permanent excess
on  yolk!  I  wonder if the dry egg white powder is a good solution to
use  it with albumin process and to coat my glass plates for wet plate
collodion negatives.

Does someone in Europe working with dry albumin? If yes, which product
can you recommend?

The  most additive neutral stuff I can find is from bodybuilder-scene:
without sugar, salt and neutral taste - I suppose this is the best one
to  go with.

In  which  proportions  do  you mix it with water in order to get same
consistency  like  the  natural  egg  white? Are there some unexpected
troubles  with  such  albumin?

Hope to get some experienced help, thanks in advance!

With best wishes,



Victor Malakhov

info at vic-tor-photoraphy.de

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