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Over at LFPF we have a person selling dry plates. I got a box of 4X5

I shot a 100 year old NOS Kodak 5X7 plate 2 days ago. Looks good.


On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 6:42 PM, Christina Z. Anderson via
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> Dear List,
> I hope everyone has had a great holiday season. Mine isn’t quite over yet,
> thank heavens! A few more days before being back to work.
> I posted this call for work on Facebook but in case some of you practice
> this and aren’t on FB here is what I said. Note, please contact Denise
> directly, not me!
> Chris
> Do any of you make your own silver gelatin emulsions/papers?
> If so, this opportunity is for you!
> As many of you know, I am the series editor for Contemporary Practices in
> Alternative Process Photography (Focal Press/Routledge). Gum Printing and
> Salted Paper Printing started the series and more books are in the works,
> though I don't reveal authors/titles until they feel ready.
> I am happy to announce that Denise Ross is currently writing a book on
> Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Paper for the series. Here is Ross' call
> for images below and information about the book.
> Due date for submission of images is February 15. Please send questions
> directly to Denise at editor at thelightfarm.com. In Denise's own words,
> "Please do not be reluctant to submit work. This is a unique opportunity to
> be included in one the first books published on this topic, and Focal Press
> books are gorgeous."
> From Denise Ross:
> RE: Open call for handmade silver gelatin emulsion paper prints, alone or
> with supporting text.Please submit to Dropbox or WeTransfer and send the
> URL to editor at thelightfarm.com for the following:
> 1. 3-10 images, sRGB colorspace, sized no larger than 300ppi, 10˝ longest
> side, TIFF, no compression. Please include at least one vertical image and
> one horizontal in the bunch, which insures a greater chance of fitting into
> multiple page formats and layouts. Note: The prints do not need to be
> “perfect” or conventional. Indeed, images of your explorations and
> work-in-progress are very welcome. Please contact me at
> editor at thelightfarm.com and I will be delighted to discuss ideas for your
> submission. Because handmade silver gelatin emulsion paper is such a new
> medium, I am especially interested in hearing about how you got interested
> in, and started making, silver gelatin emulsions, including how you have
> organized your workspace. Newcomers to the process are very welcome to
> submit work.
> 2. If images have been previously published, where.
> 3. Include year, title, and size of work.
> 4. Include recipe used to make the prints, including any toning.
> 5. Include exactly how you want your name to appear next to the work.
> Example: Beaver Pond #1, © Denise Ross, 2015
> 6. The artist must have permission forms for any person(s) or property in
> the photograph if applicable.
> 7. Include a short bio; no more than 200 words.
> 8. Include a short artist statement (what is this work about? Does it come
> from a larger series? What is its concept, meaning, or content? How did you
> get interested in and started with silver gelatin emulsions? How have you
> organized your workspace? What are your goals for further work?
> 9. Deadline for submitting work is February 15, 2018, but send work any
> time before that date. The earlier the better.
> 10. If accepted, there will be an additional requirement of an
> approximately 500–1500-word questionnaire of working process, details to be
> sent out to entrants upon acceptance.
> 11. If accepted, there will also be a release form to fill out, sign, and
> send back to me electronically prior to publication.
> Note: Submission is no guarantee your image(s) will be published. Although
> there is no monetary compensation, the benefits are a publication line on
> your résumé, and inclusion in a contemporary historical snapshot of
> handmade silver gelatin emulsion printing.
> Christina Z. Anderson
> Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography series <
> https://www.routledge.com/Contemporary-Practices-in-Alternative-Process-
> Photography/book-series/CPAPP>
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