[Alt-photo] And speaking of books being written

Clay Harmon clay at clayharmon.com
Fri Jan 5 01:12:23 UTC 2018

I am working on one in the same series about polymer photogravure. Since this seems to be the night for final calls, here is mine:

Hi, this is the final – and I’m serious this time – call for submissions to the “Polymer Photogravure” book in the Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography (Focal Press/Routledge) book series.  I have had many interested responses, and a gratifying number of you have already returned your work and questionnaires and/or text. If you somehow missed my first call for work, here is the text from that email: <>

What I would like from all of you who are interested in contributing to this book is to put some thought into your work that uses this process, and why it works so well for you artistically. And we will need images. The more the better. A half-dozen to choose from would be wonderful. Ideally, the images and your answers to the questionnaire will work together to explain what you are doing artistically. And they need to be publication quality. Ideally high-resolution jpegs that would print full page if needed. Which boils down to 2400 pixels on the long edge if possible. 


As I see it, everyone can take a number of possible paths for the written part of this. You can write about the esthetics of the process and how it fits in with your vision. Or you could write about the technical challenges you have overcome to master the process, or some cool technique that you have developed that you don’t mind sharing.  Or, you could do all of that! 


The Gum Book in this series has artist’s pages as short as a single page of writing and images, while some are as long as six or seven pages. Many of you undoubtedly have a copy of either that book or the new Salt Printing book. Either book will contain great examples of what we are looking for. Just as I would rather have too many pixels in your images and discard what we don’t need, I would prefer more words over fewer words. That said, if you have the laserlike concision of a Cormac McCarthy and can pithily state your case in a few words, i will happily print it verbatim. 


And finally, deadlines. I need them, because if they didn’t exist I would still be in junior high. I have to have this entire book pulled together in the first quarter of 2018. Which means that I need all of your submissions by the end of January 2018. I will, of course, nag you occasionally. 


You can reach me at w.clay.harmon at gmail.com <mailto:w.clay.harmon at gmail.com>, and I will send you the permission form and questionnaire. If you decide you really want to go through with this, I will set up a shared Dropbox folder for your work. 

Happy new year! or at least to the first approximation.


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