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C.Breukel at lumc.nl C.Breukel at lumc.nl
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I was there too ! I remember we were posing for a group in front of Leacock Abbey for a Colotype. Somehow the print never materialised. I photographer (forgot his name) told me that he was collecting old paper stock, invested substantial money in old paper which was suitable for Colotype, an extremely picky on the type of paper process..but you knew that..

Time flies..



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> As I said, we’d visited Lacock on a very nice day with good old Terry 
> King.

Jack, was that at APIS Bath in June 1997? I was there too. More than 20 years ago… It learned me that meeting list members in real life is so important.
Not always easy to find or organize an occasion. Maybe I should go on a classic style alt. driven ‘grand tour’ through the continents.


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