[Alt-photo] sulphite papers

Christina Z. Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 15:14:52 UTC 2018

Dear List,

Still working on paper testing and I had a question. Below is a list of paper content that I have come across in 100+ papers. 

I understand that gampi, kozo, cotton, linen, and mitsumata fibers are all excellent and archival papers.

I am unclear about sulphite, bamboo, cellulose, high alpha cellulose. 

This may be a question for an archivist (Kim DuBoise?).

Does anyone know the archival life of a wood pulp, sulphite paper, or cellulose paper as compared to a cotton paper? 


10% cotton/ 90% cellulose
100% alpha cellulose
100% cellulose
100% gampi
100% kozo
100% linen
100% mitsumata
100% rag
100% sulphite
15% cotton/85% alpha cellulose
25% cotton/75% sulphite
30% post-consumer materials
50% cotton
50% cotton/50% sulphite
50% kozo/50% sulphite
60% cotton/40% linen
60% cotton/40% sulphite
75% cotton, 25% high alpha cellulose
75% cotton/25% esparto
85% cotton/15% linen
90% bamboo 10% rag
90% bamboo/10% cotton
Cotton and synthetic fibers
Cotton/high alpha cellulose
Linen and cotton rag
Recycled chemical wood

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