[Alt-photo] ziatype question

Bob Cornelis bob at colorfolio.com
Sat Jan 27 16:36:18 UTC 2018

Hi Group!

I'm about to embark on some initial ziatype testing and am curious about
something I have not seen addressed in the materials I have.

Since Ziatype allows for modifications to tone and contrast with the use of
different chemicals (replacing the palladium component with things like
gold chloride, sodium tungsten, etc), to what degree will this change
exposure times and/or custom curves created?

It would seem impractical to have to start over with calibration every time
you tweak a few drops of chemistry here or there, but it also seems that
particularly if you are affecting contract at least new custom curve might
be needed.

Any practical advice about how to approach this? CJames has a nice chart
showing a number of chem combinations and their affect on tone and
contrast. Would it make sense to only recalibrate if you are adjusting
contrast? Would a new curve be sufficient or is a new exposure time needed


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