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I terms of DMAx question. I would check if this is a function of how much palladium solution is absorbed in the paper and how. Different salts cause different absorption into the paper. Things like humidity have the effect on coating as well. I would suggest double coat some test samples and see if you can tell the difference. I tried Ziatype it in the past and eventually abandoned it for the ease of control and repeatability of the classical DOP process. Gold has a huge effect on the tonality but it also affects contrast to such a great extent, it did not seem like it was worth the effort. It also gives pink highlights, not quite so attractive for landscape subjects that I am working with.

GOdd luck and report back


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Long time since I did a Ziatype, but I recall : coat, let the emulsion sink in (paper looks dull), thin milar plastic (Saran Wrap) on the paper than the negative and expose immediately. Work swiftly.

Somehow I never really got very excited about my Ziatypes..I blamed it on its self-masking properties due to the printing out. I did like to play around with the additives to change the colour..even the funky purple/red with gold although it's more of a gimmick

Good luck,


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I have kept my humidity in the darkroom at around 60-65% and have tried to dry the paper just enough to keep it just short of transferring chemistry to the neg. I air dry for 2 min and then direct a gentle cool fan for another minute. Is there anything else I can do to make sure the humidity in the paper it optimal for a higher dmax?


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> Hi Bob. High humidity in the paper will give you shorter exposure
> times and higher dmax. (And colder tint.)
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> Robert
> Thanks for the feedback - I'm also struggling to get a good dmax from
> the ziatypes. I'm getting in the 1.2-1.25 dmax range as opposed to
> roughly 1.35 on the same paper (hahnemuhle plat rag) with pt/pd. I'm
> trying to really control the humidity of the room and the paper
> carefully but none of it seems to move the dial much. Longer exposure times don't help.
> Did you ever determine what variable(s) gave you better dmax results?
> Bob
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> > Hi Bob,
> >
> > I've dabbled a little with ziatypes. I like the concept, but I've
> > only rarely been able to get a really good dmax out of this process.
> >
> > I initially used some Polaroid 55 negatives to play around and
> > decided that I liked the gold chloride with sodium tungsten effect
> > (a nice brown-blue split), so I tailored my digital negatives to this mix.
> Ziatype
> > is pretty tolerant so you can use other mixes and still get a decent
> print
> > out, then use some of the other chemistry to bump or reduce contrast.
> Last
> > resort for me is creating a new curve for my digital negs (I use
> > piezography inks, for me the simplest method out there).
> >
> > Good luck!
> >
> > Rob
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> > Hi Group!
> >
> > I'm about to embark on some initial ziatype testing and am curious
> > about something I have not seen addressed in the materials I have.
> >
> > Since Ziatype allows for modifications to tone and contrast with the
> > use
> of
> > different chemicals (replacing the palladium component with things
> > like gold chloride, sodium tungsten, etc), to what degree will this
> > change exposure times and/or custom curves created?
> >
> > It would seem impractical to have to start over with calibration
> > every
> time
> > you tweak a few drops of chemistry here or there, but it also seems
> > that particularly if you are affecting contract at least new custom
> > curve
> might
> > be needed.
> >
> > Any practical advice about how to approach this? CJames has a nice
> > chart showing a number of chem combinations and their affect on tone
> > and contrast. Would it make sense to only recalibrate if you are
> > adjusting contrast? Would a new curve be sufficient or is a new
> > exposure time
> needed
> > also?
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Bob
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