[Alt-photo] Open call for cyanotype images

Christina Z. Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 15:02:43 UTC 2018

Dear All,

Forgive the form letter, but if you are not on Facebook you did not see this posted.

Since there are so many cyanotypists out there, this will most likely be very competitive and I will not have room for all the submissions, so I apologize at the offset! I will give priority to those who are pushing the boundaries of the process in some way I might not have even thought of! Short turnaround time because the first final draft is due Sept.1 (gasp).


Focal Press, an imprint of Routledge, has spearheaded a series entitled Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography, of which I am the series editor. Each book in the series is devoted to a single process, or a process and its related techniques. Now, Focal Press/Routledge and I are teaming up to publish a book on cyanotype, for which I invite you to submit work. Please submit to Dropbox, WeTransfer, or some other file transfer method (not by email) and send the URL to christinaZanderson at gmail.com <mailto:christinaZanderson at gmail.com> for the following:

1.     3-10 images, sRGB colorspace, sized no larger than 300ppi, 10˝ longest side, TIFF, no compression. Please include at least one vertical image and one horizontal in the bunch, which insures a greater chance of fitting into multiple page formats and layouts. If you have a color checking tool/test target you can place alongside an image for accurate color correction, it would be great.  Note: In addition, you can send scans of any failed prints for the pictorial guide to troubleshooting cyanotype.

2.     In a Word docx in the folder, the following information which will be used for image captioning:

a.     If images have been previously published, where.

b.     Year, title, and size of work. Don’t forget size!

c.      Exact process of the work (e.g. traditional cyanotype toned with ammonia and tannic acid)

d.     Exactly how you want your name to appear next to the work, e.g. Destined for the Museum © Christina Z. Anderson 2018

3.     The artist must have permission forms for any person(s) or property in the photograph if applicable.

4.     Include a short bio 50–100 words in 3rd person that includes your website.

5.     Include a short artist statement if all photographs come from a particular body of work. For example:

6.     Deadline for submitting work is July 1 2018 but send work any time before that date. The earlier the better.

7.     If  your work is accepted, there is an additional requirement of a 500–1000-word questionnaire of working process, details to be sent out to entrants upon acceptance.

8.     If accepted, there will also be a release form to sign and send back to me via email, prior to publication.

Note: Submission is no guarantee your image(s) will be chosen to be published. This will be a very competitive submission, given the numbers of cyanotype practitioners. I am very interested in work that pushes the boundaries of the cyanotype process. Although there is no monetary compensation, the benefits are a publication line on the résumé, inclusion in a contemporary historical snapshot of cyanotype, and Focal Press/Routledge will send one complimentary copy in e-book format (with some printed formats available) to each accepted entrant, mailed to the email address/snail mail address provided on the release form (if your address changes you must notify me asap!).

Christina Z. Anderson
Series Editor
Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography <https://www.routledge.com/Contemporary-Practices-in-Alternative-Process-Photography/book-series/CPAPP>

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