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I would like to submit some images but I will not have access to my images until after first week in July 
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> From: Sandy King, Don Nelson, John Lockhart
> Focal press, an imprint of Routledge, has spearheaded a series entitled
> Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography, of which
> Christina Anderson is the series editor.  Each book is devoted to a single
> process and its related techniques.  Now Sandy King, John Lockhart and I are
> teaming up to publish a book on Carbon Transfer Images.  We are inviting you
> to submit images of your actual work. Please submit to Dropbox, or some
> other transfer technique (NOT by email) and send me the URL to
> CarbonTransferPrinter at gmail.com <mailto:CarbonTransferPrinter at gmail.com>
> for the following:
> 1.    3-10 images with embedded sRGB colorspace, sized no larger than
> 300ppi, 10" longest side, TIFF, no compression. Please include at least one
> vertical image and one horizontal image in the submission, which ensures a
> great chance of fitting into multiple page formats and layouts. (you may
> choose to place a color checking tool alongside the image).  Please send
> ONLY images of carbon transfer prints that you have actually completed; no
> mockups or photoshop, etc mockups of future prints.  It is likely that you
> will have to photograph your images with a digital camera- I have found that
> my scanner has reflected light from the dense areas of a carbon transfer
> print that makes such scans unusable.   Please identify your images by
> prefacing them with your name followed by underscore then title (example:
> SandyKing_GeorgiaIsland_1.tiff
> 2.    Please include images of failed prints (enlarged areas preferred)
> for failures section of the book.
> 3.    In a Word .docx in the folder, the following information (for
> captioning if selected):
> a.    If the images have been previously published, where?
> b.    Year, Title, Size of work, and filename from 1.  Don't forget the
> SIZE of the actual work.
> c.    Exact process of the work - glop composition including pigment
> amounts, sensitizer, final support material, etc., including anything
> special.
> d.    Exactly how you want your name to appear next the work, e.g. Georgia
> Island 1 C Sandy King
> e.    Please be concise.
> 4.    The artist must have permission forms for any person(s) or property
> in the photograph, if applicable.
> 5.    Include a short bio of no more than 50-100 words that includes your
> website. Should be in third person. Excessively long bios will be discarded
> as unusable. (Hint: No one is going to edit it to shorten it to the required
> word count).
> 6.    Include a short artist statement of no more than 50-100 words.
> Should be in first person. Excessively long bios will be discarded as
> unusable. (Hint: No one is going to edit it to shorten it to the required
> word count).
> 7.    Deadline for submitting your work is July 16.  The earlier the
> better.  I will notify you when I have picked it out of your dropbox or
> other location. (note that I will not have email access July 6-15).
> 8.    The current practioners section is highly competitive. We have a
> limited space and limited number of images to fit into the required size of
> the book.  If your work is accepted, there is an additional requirement of a
> questionnaire that will be sent to you which will ask you to describe your
> working process. Details to be sent out to entrants upon acceptance.
> 9.    If accepted, there will also be a release form to sign and send back
> to me via email, prior to publication submission.
> NOTE: Submission is no guarantee that your image(s) will be chosen to be
> published in this book. This will be a very competitive submission, given
> the numbers of Carbon transfer printers of single transfer, double transfer,
> and color.  We are very interested in work that pushes the boundaries of
> this process. Although there is no monetary compensation, the benefits are a
> publication line on the resume, and inclusion in a contemporary historical
> snapshot of Carbon Transfer Printing.  
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