[Alt-photo] Ageing of New Cyanotype

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Not sure that this is the case but conservators identified that Cyanotypes
exposed during exhibit (after fabrication) tend to lighten while on display
but that they reverse when put back into dark storage.
Apparently the process is reversible so display is always followed by dark
storage to allow the prints to return to their original density.

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> A few months ago (much less than a year!), I made my first batch of New
> Cyanotype using the kit from Photographer's Formulary.  I created a curve
> following Ron Reeder's method on the Freestyle Photo web site.  My prints
> were very good -- until recently.
> As the New Cyanotype aged, it went from a light green-yellow to a dark
> blue-green.  By the time I was getting close to the bottom of the bottle,
> my curve was no longer linearizing properly.  There was an almost complete
> loss of tonal range in the shadows.    I had to discard most of my prints.
> I should mention that I was routinely overexposing my prints.  I won't go
> into the reason why, but I didn't think it was a factor because of what
> Christopher James says in his book: "it's hard to overexpose cyanotype."
> Here are my questions: (1) Even though New Cyanotype is supposed to have a
> shelf life of one year, is it advisable to make a new curve periodically?
>  (2)
> Does overexposure become a problem as New Cyanotype ages?
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