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I’ve never used Mike Ware’s new cyanotype process which as you used the word ‘new’ I guess you’ve used. 

Certainly it’s very difficult to overexpose the traditional recipe. When people don’t expose long enough they tend to under wash which results in unstable/non archival images. 

While I don’t practice the new cyanotype process I thought it was only the traditional method that would re-darken if kept in the dark for a period. 

One thing to note is the new cyanotype process needs to be printed on suitable paper. 

Maybe Mike could chime in?

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> On 27 Mar 2018, at 7:37 pm, John Isner via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> A few months ago (much less than a year!), I made my first batch of New
> Cyanotype using the kit from Photographer's Formulary.  I created a curve
> following Ron Reeder's method on the Freestyle Photo web site.  My prints
> were very good -- until recently.
> As the New Cyanotype aged, it went from a light green-yellow to a dark
> blue-green.  By the time I was getting close to the bottom of the bottle,
> my curve was no longer linearizing properly.  There was an almost complete
> loss of tonal range in the shadows.    I had to discard most of my prints.
> I should mention that I was routinely overexposing my prints.  I won't go
> into the reason why, but I didn't think it was a factor because of what
> Christopher James says in his book: "it's hard to overexpose cyanotype."
> Here are my questions: (1) Even though New Cyanotype is supposed to have a
> shelf life of one year, is it advisable to make a new curve periodically?   (2)
> Does overexposure become a problem as New Cyanotype ages?
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