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can  you  please  provide  the link to the REACH regulation referring to
usage  of  the  bichromates  in  commercial  business? I am located in
Germany  and  have a one person business in digital photography. Now I
consider  to  transfer  at least one part of my alternative processes to
commercial  basis  too. But after your conversation I am wondering, if
it  is  a  clever  idea  at  all.  Are  there other relevant chemicals
(like from Wetplate, Cyanotype etc.) affected by REACH so hard too?

best wishes,

> Sorry my mistake....this statement is true for Germany only....
> because here REACH is only mandatory for companies and commercial
> business (even if you are a one person business). I have no clue how it is in other countries.

> Udo

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> ‘but only if you do it commercial (professional) (in German:
> gewerblich) because REACH counts not for private (= hobby) use.’

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> It’s much more complicated than that. If a license wasn’t applied
> for and granted before the ‘sunset‘ date you are not allowed to
> possess or use hexavelant chromium salts. I’m not sure you can even
> apply now. The form was extremely complicated to fill out and
> ideally would need the advice of an expert. 

> I spoke to REACH prior to the ban. I was advised that if a business
> used small amounts, (under one tonne a year!), for research then no
> license ‘probably‘ wouldn’t be needed but but detailed notes are
> necessary to prove research is being carried out. I have this in
> writing. This is how I’m approaching the issue. 

> Best wishes from the UK

> John

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>> but only if you do it commercial (professional) (in German: gewerblich) because REACH counts not for private (= hobby) use.
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