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Hi John,

I was not aware of the LC2 and am very interested to hear anyone's account of its performance especially when used with the power controller. I have a PPM-2 and have also found that my UV light bank gives erratic dose over time. Achieving my target dose for cyanotypes on my unit can range in time from 14-23 minutes. Given that the PPM-2 is read out only I have to constantly run back and check on the unit and sometimes accidently overshoot my target dose. I've since invested in a NuArc unit with a light integrator and this works well for my personal work. For students I'd love to have both the lightbank and the NuArc function similarly and it sounds like the LC2 with power controller could be a nice solution.

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    Has anyone tried the Light Controller LC2 System from Ian Leake Studio
    <https://ianleake.com/light-controller-lc2-system/>?  If so, how do you
    like it compared with the PPM-2 meter, which seems to be somewhat popular
    on this listserv?  A big advantage of the LC2:  it has an optional power
    controller that can turn off the exposure unit when it reaches a specified
    dose, while the PPM-2 must be watched.  Of course you pay a lot extra for
    that power controller!  I assume both meters do an equally good job of
    measuring dose.
    The PPM-2 displays instantaneous intensity as well as total dose.  For the
    last two days, I have been testing my UV exposure unit with a borrowed
    PPM-2.  I initially thought a plot of Intensity vs. time would tell me
    something about my bulbs.  But I find the intensity display to be less
    useful than I had hoped.  The numbers move so erratically that it is hard
    to spot a trend.  If the PPM-2 displayed a 5-second moving average, it
    would be more useful.
    One conclusion I have reached, after running many tests with the PPM-2, is
    that my UV unit (fifteen  actinic fluorescent tubes, five electronic
    ballasts, all less than six months old) is behaving very erratically.  For
    ten minute exposures, even with a long preliminary warm-up, the dose can
    vary as much as 2/3 of a stop.  This tells me I MUST switch from time-based
    exposure to dose-based exposure.  The question is whether I should I go
    with the PPM-2 or the LC2 system.
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