[Alt-photo] IS IT ALT?

Siegfried Rempel siegfriedrempel at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 22:44:01 UTC 2018

"Alt" as a definition is, in my opinion changing as the products available
continue generating images disappear. Silver gelatin is an alt process,
given that the ability to obtain the print product commercially is
significantly reduced from what it was just a few years ago. Most anyone
working in silver gelatin today has to make the images themselves, by hand
and thus for me its become an alt process. Silver gelatin's sister process
silver collodio-chloride has been an alt process since before WWII.
Just my take on the "definition".

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>     After sending my other reply I remembered the Kodak
> Flexichrome process bought from the Crawford Flexichrome Co.
> There is a descriptive article at:
> http://www.graphicsatlas.org/guidedtour/?process_id=346
>    I don't think I have ever seen a Flexichrome print. I wonder
> how widely used they were for advertising art. All the special
> effects are now done digitally.
> On 11/8/2018 8:59 AM, ROBERT KISS via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
> > A curious question:  Does the fact that Richard Bernstein did airbrush,
> hand brush, colored pencil, and acetate overlays on top of the black and
> white photos we made for INTERVIEW covers make those "alt photo"?  Do we
> consider hand painted photos alt photo?
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