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Did Richard Bernstein consider them alternative to the photographic mainstream or the artistic? The more apt and less anachronistic question for me, a question is “was it alt photo in the 70’s?” And, no, I would not catalogue/keyword Richard Bernstein’s work as alternative photography, but as mixed-media fashion illustrations and pop art.

To my mind, intent* weighs heavily here if we’re talking about belonging to the “alt photo community” as opposed to just being an alternative to the mainstream process. These images were created to be consumed as illustrative magazine covers using the media of the day, my expectation is they would have been created digitally today.

It’s very possible I’m also just super cranky having been sick all weekend so thank you for the thought exercise while I wait on cold/flu medicine to kick in!

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* I’m talking in an Irwin Panofsky-type of intent

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A curious question: Does the fact that Richard Bernstein did airbrush, hand brush, colored pencil, and acetate overlays on top of the black and white photos we made for INTERVIEW covers make those "alt photo"? Do we consider hand painted photos alt photo?
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