[Alt-photo] IS IT ALT?

`Richard Knoppow dickburk at ix.netcom.com
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    I've already posted my opinion but I need to say this: If 
there are two of anything they are alternatives. So, unless 
something is unique there is an alternative. This reduces to 
saying that all processes are alternative if the objective is the 
same. One can define "objective" but mostly here we mean some 
sort of flat image that exists on its own as opposed to, say, a 
projected image. Having said that I have seen numerous electronic 
displays in museums. They are an alternative to a print on 
something like paper or plastic sheet or cloth or whatever. So, 
if something is not absolutely unique its an alternative.
    Defining "conventional photography" now depends on whether 
one is talking about contemporary practice, which is mostly 
electronic, or historical practice, which depends on the time 
period. Silver-gelatin materials began with dry plates and silver 
gelatin printing materials. This was by far the principle method 
of creating photographic images for more than a century. However, 
before that "conventional" might have meant wet plates and 
something like salt or albumin prints and before that 
Daguerreotypes. George Eastman wanted to take the difficulty out 
of photography and make it available to anyone. He was quite 
successful. All the really difficult part was done at the 
factory. "You press the button we do the rest" was the motto and 
was pretty much accomplished. The same can be said of the modern 
electronic photography. Every cell phone has a camera in it and 
one an view the pictures on the screen or even print them with a 
hand held printer. Not much special knowledge or skill needed. Of 
course, this is the "alternative" to chemical photography and has 
pretty much supplanted it. It is now the "conventional" method.

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> I don’t know if I can add anything to the discussion except my opinion.

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