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Hello Richard,
Processes of "Analogue Photographic Printing Craftsmanship", or for short:
"Alt-photo processes ;)
Including all analogue photographic printing processes invented & practiced
until roughly 1999.

I can live with that!

Bert from Holland
member of The Guild for Analogue Photographic Printing Craftsmanship (GAPPC)

Op vr 16 nov. 2018 om 00:44 schreef `Richard Knoppow via
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>     This discussion is probably a dead horse by now but I had a
> though I want to pass along. It was inspired by the changes in
> electronics and ham radio. I think what has been lost in
> photography is a certain kind of what I will call craft. I think
> perhaps the attraction of alternative methods of printing or of
> making negatives (such as wet plate) come from a desire to
> practice a kind of craft.  There is certainly craft in knowing
> how to work with image editors in adjusting images but the
> physical craft in doing even what I will call conventional
> silver-gelatin photography and certainly the kinds of photography
> that Judy called post factory is somehow, to me, of a different
> kind. The photographic industry tried to make silver-gelatin
> photography as craft-free as possible; that is, they tried to
> make the production of satisfactory photographs as much
> independent of any specialized knowledge or ability on the
> photographer's part. Don't misunderstand, there are plenty of
> highly skilled photographers but so much of the market for
> "conventional" materials was for the snapshot market. This is
> certainly what George Eastman went after with the "You press the
> button we do the rest". I think electronic or digital photography
> also requires a lot of skill if you want anything out of the
> ordinary, but it has certainly displaced everything else for
> casual pictures. Very simple. I think this is the attraction for
> alternative processes (I will use that term because everyone here
> knows what it means) including these days silver gelatin. I think
> I will now put my horse whip away.
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