[Alt-photo] Losing Dmax in Kallitypes

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I was printing and toning VDB with Palladium about 10 years ago. I
definitely noted that the toner didn’t keep like I had used up the
palladium . I had a lot of dark ground in the prints. Francis

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> I made a number of Kallitype prints about 8 months ago, toning them with
> platinum.  Things worked well (though I need to adjust my digital negative
> curve just a bit).  For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to make
> Kallitype prints but the DMax just is not there.  It is hard for me to
> imagine that the platinum toner is going bad after less than a year but
> perhaps that might be the case?
> I am using the same paper, the chemistry I am using is freshly mixed and I
> am using it one-shot.  I am out of ideas as to what might be keeping my
> DMax from being what I got 8 months ago.
> Any ideas as to what I should check?
> Thanks -
> george
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