[Alt-photo] free enlarger in Washington DC

Suzanne Izzo bi3 at georgetown.edu
Wed Sep 9 16:34:53 UTC 2020

A friend has just sent me this message:

*We have an enlarger we would like to give away for FREE.   It is a Beseler
23C II, Listed UL 433B, Lamp 120 watts; AC-DC 07amp, 75 watts max.  Serial
No. 23-26657.    I believe it goes back to the 1990s.*

For further information or directions on how to pick up the enlarger (in
the north of DC), write:  *janda.ponze at gmail.com <janda.ponze at gmail.com>*

I'm hoping that this enlarger can continue to be of use in a new home

Suzanne Izzo

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