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Congratulations Mike and Pradip. I've got mine on pre-order.

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> I’m very happy to announce that our book Platinotype: Making Photographs
> in Platinum and Palladium with the Contemporary Printing-out Process will
> be available from Focal / Routledge in December.
> It is the result of nearly four decades of collaboration between Pradip
> Malde and myself. Over forty photographers and some 100 prints are
> showcased in the volume, along with detailed technical instructions.
> This is the ninth book in the excellent Routledge series edited by
> Christina Z. Anderson:
> https://www.routledge.com/Contemporary-Practices-in-Alternative-Process-Photography/book-series/CPAPP
> <
> https://www.routledge.com/Contemporary-Practices-in-Alternative-Process-Photography/book-series/CPAPP
> >
> and it is an honour to have been selected by her to write this volume.
> Discounted pre-orders can be placed at:
> https://www.routledge.com/Platinotype-Making-Photographs-in-Platinum-and-Palladium-with-the-Contemporary/Ware-Malde/p/book/9780367415952
> <
> https://www.routledge.com/Platinotype-Making-Photographs-in-Platinum-and-Palladium-with-the-Contemporary/Ware-Malde/p/book/9780367415952?fbclid=IwAR169ypViyJOcziiTavx2rP17FEjMJSVup62NhB_23Vt8XO83VkP-07Ijf0>.
> The intended readership is mainly practitioners with backgrounds in the
> arts and humanities, rather than the sciences, so the text has been written
> by Pradip - he speaks the language, and it is his voice you will hear -
> based on his 26-year experience teaching photography as Professor of Art in
> the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. More practical details of
> the process can be found on his website:
> https://pradipmalde.com/technical-notes/ <
> https://pradipmalde.com/technical-notes/>
> For the benefit of any chemists, the technical content of this process can
> be traced back to my e-book Platinomicon, which is freely downloadable from
> my website:
> https://www.mikeware.co.uk/mikeware/downloads.html <
> https://www.mikeware.co.uk/mikeware/downloads.html>
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